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Welcome to Breast Milk Keepsakes, handcrafted pure breast milk jewellery. Breast milk pendants, lockets, charms and beads.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift to give to your baby. The health benefits will last a lifetime and the special bond created between mother and baby is like no other.

Breastfeeding may be natural but it doesn't always come naturally. At times it takes a lot of perseverance or in my case sheer stubbornness.

Breastfeeding my twin boys has been a wonderful achievement and  it has been the most rewarding and beautiful experience. I cherish my breast milk pendant and I wear it proudly.

A Breast Milk Keepsake is a memento of your breastfeeding journey, it's a badge of honour and something tangible to have after your child has weaned from the breast.


"Thank you for the best Mothers Day gift in the world!!"

- Tessa

"Yay!! My Mother's Day gift arrived a few days early. There really are no words to describe how special this keepsake is to me. I will forever cherish it. Thank you Breast Milk Keepsakes!" 

- Elizabeth 

"Just wanted to say thank you so much - my keepsake arrived today and it's absolutely beautiful. You are one clever lady! X" 

- Catherine

"Oh my goodness!! How amazing are these beads? I am so very impressed with them. Looked fab in the pictures but in real life they are even more amazing!"


"Wow - what a beautiful keepsake you make. It is perfect and will be such a wonderful momento for my daughter to celebrate her breastfeeding both her daughters.........this is a chance to capture a part of your child or grandchild's life that passes so quickly.......I am so glad that I found your website. Thank you again."

- Sharon.

"The pendant arrived today, it really is gorgeous. Thank you so much, it's such a unique memory of this amazing time - teeth and all!" 

- Jen.

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for my keepsake that came today!! I am so so so pleased with it. It is even better than I imagined." 

- Jerrie

"Received it babe, OMG I LOVE it!... Thank you so much xxxx"

- Hayley

"Absolutely love my bead! You are amazing!!"

- Heather

"I cried I was so happy with them and you cant wipe the beaming smile from my face! You have done an amazing job they are perfect! Here's some pic's of the necklace I've had made, your charm sets it of brilliantly I'm soooooooo pleased THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!!!"

- Tiffany

" I have received my keepsake. Thank you. It is amazing... I love it so so much. I will treasure it forever and it will remind me of our amazing breastfeeding journey!"

- Sarah

"I received my precious keepsake yesterday and haven't been able to come to my senses since:) IT IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!.......... I want to thank you for giving the opportunity to preserve these memories in such a beautiful way!!! I couldn't even dream about it! You will hear from me again in a couple of years when the second one comes:)"

- Victoria

"Received my keepsake today, thank you so much its amazing!! Breast feeding my children has been incredible, I know I'm going to find it difficult when my little one weans off her milk and my keepsake is a wonderful way of being able to preserve and treasure the memory's of our feeding time forever :)xxx"

- Rachel

"I am over the moon that, thanks to you, I have a Breast Milk Keepsake to treasure those precious moments ad infinitum xxx"

- Sophie

Latest From The Blog

Should you Breastfeed your Child?

When the first baby is born, new parents are also made. Choosing whether to formula feed or breastfeed your child is one of the tough decisions new parents have to make.

Organizations all over the world suggest choose breastfeeding over formula feeding. These groups include World Health Organization (WHO), American College of Nurse Midwives, European Milk Bank Association (EMBA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and many others. Breastfeeding helps the baby’s resistance against infections, allergies, and many other conditions.

AAP advises that breastfeeding is done for the first six months of the baby. Breastfeeding beyond this period is also advised until the minimum of twelve months.

Nevertheless, the option of breastfeeding may be unavailable for some women. Many deliberate whether to breastfeed or not based on factors like lifestyle and medical conditions.

Formula feeding can be the healthy alternative in times when breastfeeding is not the preferable choice. It is to be noted that choosing to breastfeed is a personal decision. You must weigh down the advantages and disadvantages it may entail.

Pros and Cons

Consider the following points before deciding.

1. Cost

Breastfeeding is preferred by many over formula feeding because of the lowered cost it brings. Formula feeding will always be a more expensive option.

2. Convenience

Breastfeeding can also be more convenient since you won’t really have to do much for you to feed the baby with your boob. In contrast, formula feeding requires you to prepare the necessary bottles, mix the formula and bring it to the baby. However, breastfeeding may be burdensome in situations where bringing a bottle would be more appropriate. Sure, you can pump from your breast, but it also takes more effort than simply mixing formula.

3. Effort to learn

Breastfeeding may take some time to warm up with, especially in the first few times of latching. Latching involves gently holding the baby for him/her to suck the sustenance from your breast. Some mothers report bleeding nipples after a few instances of latching. However, with experience and perhaps guidance, one will begin to adopt it as a natural practice. Formula feeding will never have the challenge that latching entails.

Breast Milk Jewellery for Gentle Donors

 A milk bank is a service that collects, tests, processes and  distributes donated human milk by prescription of a physician  or a hospital. Milk banks are known around the world to  ensure that infants will be fed with human milk if ever their  mothers cannot provide them one. Human milk is donated by  women who are not necessarily related to the infant. 

 An infant needs the ideal nutritional value of the human milk  for his/her first year. Milk bank serves as a reserved breast  milk for the newborn infants that are not able to feed on from  their biological mother due to some certain risky terms  like  infections and diseases that the baby might get. 

 Donors are ought to do screening and run through some tests  for infectious disease or other serious medical histories. It is to ensure that the milk they’ll be donating will be healthy and risk-free. 

There are over two hundred milk banks in the world and sixteen of them are located in North America. Human Milk Banking of North America (HMBANA) is a non-profit organization of human milk banking in Canada and United States that promotes the importance of the health of babies and mothers around the globe, especially in North America. 

The oldest milk bank in North America can be found in Boston, Massachusetts USA. In 1947, A Mrs Trentman was unable to breastfeed her baby and ran to the Boston Lying-in Hospital which collects, process and distributes human milk for infants who are in need. One of the milk banks in Canada can be found in Alberta which also gives value to babies’ health.

European Milk Bank Association (EMBA) is a non-profit organization which has been established to promote milk banking in Europe and provide human milk from donors. Human milk banks existed in Europe since 1909 in Venice, Austria. Today, in England there are fourteen milk banks and in Finland, seventeen.

Willing healthy donors are hard to find. That’s why donors are really like angels. That’s why milk banks usually give donors a small token of appreciation that they can treasure and remember. 

A piece of breast milk jewelry is the perfect token to be given as a gift to first-time donors. You might think it’s a little weird, but breast milk jewellery will truly symbolize her experience for donating breast milk and giving a precious infant the chance to acquire health and nutrition earlier on. Donors can carry and wear it every day and take pride of their little act of kindness. 


Why Breast Milk is Best for Your Baby

What could be more natural than breast milk? After all, mammals are able to feed their young with something that is produced by the body and full of nutrients. Here are a few reasons why you should consider breast milk for your baby.

Reason #1: Boosts Immune System

The infant’s immune system is still delicate and in the process of building itself up. Surprisingly, the breast milk contains nutrients that boost the immune system that formula milk is unable to replicate. Because of the right genetic formula, it protects the child from acquiring certain diseases and infections. 

Reason #2: Prevents Allergies

Even if the parents suffer from allergies, breast fed babies are less likely to pick up since they build protection against these allergies. Studies have shown that there is strong correlation with these two.

Reason #3: Lessens Respiratory Illness 

Breast fed babies have lesser chances to be hospitalized caused by respiratory illness compared to formula-fed babies. This can be traced to their strong immune system that contains antibodies that acts as protection.

If you find yourself in pain while breastfeeding, it would be worth jumping over and seeing our friend's post on the best bottles for breastfeeding.

The list about how breast milk benefits babies can go on and on. Why not give your child the best thing you can do at this moment?


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